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So apparently, yes if you do bet a geography major it won't snow you will lose.

Then you will be forced to walk around in it, with your stupid boot cast.

I failed so much.

Yes...I did do this.

So for Will's birthday I decided to make him...a Kirby cake! I found this blog from an army mom in Korea (Meagan in Korea)

Will loved the cake...and so did the other seven hungry college students we took to the birthday dinner!


Yeah..karma is a bitch.

So apparently when Rachael got hurt on Saturday at Taekwondo, this was the cosmos looking for blood. I called Rachael on Sunday to see how she was doing and joked around with her about it, but I offered to bring her stew (she didn't realize I was offering to bring it to her until yesterday or she would have happily accepted). Then last night, yep, karma strikes! I was doing a jumping side kick (really nice height by the way!) and when I came down to land, I landed on my ankle and rolled it over. There was a crack, and now my ankle is swollen up to the size of a softball on the outside and a tennis ball on the inside.

So I thought maybe I am lucky and twisted it...BWAHAHAHA! Yeah, no. See, I woke up this morning and it hurts to move my freaking toes. Also it hurts to lift it, to do anything except sit there hurts. Of course, this is good though. I am trying to think positively, you know why? George Washington will be sending me a response soon, and thus this bad karma can only equal future good karma, right? Please tell me I am right?

On another side side note, Ms. Lee's birthday party was fun. She really enjoyed my Kahlua cake, so this made me feel good. Will has been freaking out all morning (he thinks it's broken, or fractured). I finally got him to go back to bed so I can head to class. Though the worse thing is I had almost no sleep last night. Yes, it just hurts sitting there.

Karma, please deliver some good news with regards to graduate school!

EDIT: For some reason, I felt this icon was just more appropriate.
Write a poem by putting your itunes/mp3 player/whatever you listen to music on on shuffle and writing down the first line from the first 20 songs that pop up. Use the first line from the 21st song as a title.

I See Your Dirty Face Hide Behind Your Collar

No sir, Well I don't want to be the blame not anymore
We Belong Together
City's breaking down on a camel's back
Lately, I've been thinking about the past
I've been cheated by you since I don't know when

How could I decide what's right?
So you drop me
I've got the measles she's got the mumps
Hey There Delilah what's it like in New York City?
I swapped my innocence for pride

Don't you come to me with all your color-coded quotes
Your in my arms
There's a weakness
Seems like just yesterday
It ain't no joke

I'm fifteen for a moment
Breaking my back just to know your name
Your a part-time lover and a full-time friend
What you sees not what you get
I'm walking on clouds now and the sky is falling on down

I feel like this is so full of angst. PlaylistCollapse )

A reminder....

Graduate School Applications are around the bend now...so a reminder to self.

George Washington- Jan 15th
University of Delaware- February 1st
North Carolina State University February 1st (for funding)
Purdue University- February 15th
West Virginia University- March 1st (but turning this in sooner)
American University? (still undecided)

Yes those are the schools. If I don't get into any of them, I have no idea what I am going to do. Hopefully someone will hire me. GRE second go is at the end of the month...wish me luck?

***EDIT!!!*** Major important edit. I e-mailed my Calc II professor asking for a recommendation for graduate school a week ago and had yet to hear anything from him. I was worried he was thinking I was a terrible student (because I got a B, but this is Calc II people! It's the hardest Calc supposedly). Today he e-mail me saying that he would be happy to and to just tell him which schools! YES!!! This will look awesome having math professors for an Econ major! *dances*

Whoot! Happy Dance!

This just in! All the hard work for Calc 2 paid off! I GOT A B!!!!

*has been dancing around the help desk for ten minutes!*

Two Weeks

Alright, here is the attack plan friends:

Linear test on Monday. Study tonight thru the weekend. Cheat Sheet=Thank you sweet merciful God!

Paper for Theatre: If I get this in on Monday, then I get a bonus 20 pts. If I get it in on Friday a Bonus 10 pts.

Linear Final-Dec. 16th 8-10:15 AM
Must get a 85 or better on this final....no excuses.

Theatre Final-Dec. 18th 10:45-1:15
Work on some sort of presentational way to discuss your paper.

Calculus 2 Final-Dec. 19th 10:45-1:15
Plan of massive action. This is my D-Day. Normandy here I come!
- Comprehensive Final
- Look at his older tests
- Look at all your tests and quizzes
- Homeworks!
- Light a few candles, pray, go to church, confess your sins
- More prayer, perhaps invest in those beads...
- Did we mention a lot of lucky rabbit's feet, four leaf clovers, wishbones,
add your token of good fortune here.
- Afterwards, cry. Just let it all out. Then look up times for this class
next semester.

Okay, now to finish work. Go to class, eat, sleep and study. Wish me luck everyone! (Neev if this doesn't succeed I get to dig my hole and die first, k?)


Since I have a six hour drive ahead of me tomorrow, I am asking my friends to recommend some music for the drive! I.E. Make me a play list of at least your top 10 favorite songs, and I will create play lists on my iPod for this crazy ride up and back. All together I need about 12 hours of music to keep me sane, but I can settle for six. So happy recommendations! (I promise an awesome gift for those that comment!)

Because all the cool kids were doing it

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This Fun Quiz created by Lynn at BlogQuiz.Net
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So to be fair, Kim is chasing me and Linda has a mysterious past. Okay I can accept this.

I Voted!

Yes friends I have voted. At 7 AM I was at the polls casting my vote.

And Kim, yes it was awesome the Redskins lost last night. It even made me happier that they lost to the Steelers.

That is all! Oh and wish us luck on Thursday in Baltimore!